Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you get a lot of frequently asked questions?


2. How long have you been writing?

Good question.  The quick answer is off and on since high school.  The long version is far too long for an FAQ entry and better served over a cold beer at the local beach bar.  Suffice to say, I began thinking about it seriously sometime after I got out of the military.  I had thoughts of trying to publish when I was still active, but I found that while the military provided me many learning experiences, it wasn’t much for boosting my creative energies.  I guess it’s the nature of the beast that such a profession necessarily forces you to think more pragmatically, effectively strangling the creative side of the brain.

3. What’s next?

This answer is a constantly moving target.  I’m continuously keeping my mind open to new ideas until one sticks so well and begins to develop so naturally that I have no other choice but to pursue it.  Currently, as of this writing in the last months of 2012, I’ve got a few stories in mind and I’m pondering them all to see which feels like a best bet to go after.  I’ve learned that you can’t force a story when it’s not ready to come out because it’ll ultimately not be good.  When it doesn’t feel right, it’s usually an indication that you don’t know the characters’ voices and personalities well enough yet, or the idea that sets the theme/plot/tone for the story isn’t strong enough to carry an interesting story yet.  It’d simply suck to spend months writing something only to step back after many a long lonely hour in front of the computer and not like what you’ve got.  Trust me, I know.

The short list for now… a sequel for TMP, a prequel for TMP, a thriller that I wrote about two years ago that needs a good edit and beta test, and…well, the rest I’m not ready to divulge, but let’s just say they take a significant leap out of my currently published genre.

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