Thursday, July 26, 2012

No futz'in around

I think I should first apologize for the long delay between blogs, but times they are a'tough.  Well, not really, but they're at least pretty damned busy.  I'm nearing completion of my Master's and everything is converging in the form of papers, tests and the ominous Comps in August.  No excuse, I know.

Anyway, a little update on book distribution...

According to Smashwords, The Missionary Position (TMP) should be getting distributed to B&N, Apple, and other premium outlets either today or tomorrow.  To be honest, I'm a bit frustrated with the process, and concerned about the quality of the product they will put out.  Formatting for distribution through Smashwords did not allow me the same kind of product I achieved through Amazon's Kindle.

Granted, I didn't have a great first outing with the Kindle platform either when I looked at my "proofs," but at least with Kindle's interface I was able to make quick changes and see them implemented quite fast.  With Smashwords, I saw my initial proofs, didn't like'em, changed them, and then had to wait for daaaayys.  And then a few more weeks before it finally reached the point (today or tomorrow) that it will get to the Premium distribution channels.  I'm afraid if I go in an putz around with it again, it'll reset the whole thing and I'll have to wait an equally long time for the changes to go through and get to market again.

Don't know.  Maybe it doesn't work that way, but I unfortunately don't have the time now to futz around with it.  In a week I'll have a break and look into it, but to be honest the first priority then (book-wise) will be getting the paperback versions available.

Point is, I want to put out a quality product that represents the best possible reading and viewing experience I can provide my readers, however few of them there may be.  That means there cannot be excessive amounts of "white space" between pages, no convergent paragraphs and all that mess.  Just good story that's easy to navigate through.