Thursday, July 12, 2012


The Missionary Position is now listed on Smashwords for downloads to various eBook platforms. This is in addition to Amazon. Distribution through Apple, Barnes & Noble and other premium outlets are still pending. I'll keep you updated.

The price is still set at a very low US $0.99. For those wondering why, the reason is simple. I'm more interested in getting my work out there right now than making a living on it. Most authors in the world do not make a living on their writing, despite their best efforts and dreams to the contrary. As I venture into the world of published writing, I think it's more important to get an audience who is willing to read an unknown author so I can get feedback from them on my style and stories, than it is for me to try and wring their wallets. 99 cents seems a reasonable way to do that. I'll leave the wallet wringing to the Patterson's and King's of the world. They're already so good at it, why should I infringe on their territory?

Stay tuned for more info. As for me, I'm back in the (text)books for now. It took way more time knocking out the Smashwords formatting and publishing today than I'd planned for, and now I'm even further behind in these damned master's program classes than I was this morning.